Why Choose a Life Coach?

This is a common question! Why would someone need to hire a life coach? What can a life coach do that you can’t do yourself?

You might need a life coach if you’re finding yourself feeling discontented much of the time. You’re not sure why you feel this way. You’re not depressed or even feeling sad. You might feel like just coasting through life.

You know you don’t need a therapist. Then it hits you one day: You need someone to help you get off your rear and start doing something!

Maybe you are still wondering what to be when you grow up. Or you have some wonderful ideas, but never seem to get them off the ground. Or you’re questioning how you relate to people (including your partner and your children!) and are looking for different strategies.

That’s where life coaching steps in.

As your life coach I will help you define your discontent and help you create a path to getting where you want to be. Life coaching isn’t therapy. We aren’t concerned so much with how you go here as to how we’re going to get there…

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact me at life_coaching@susiekline.com!

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