Speak Out & Show Your Support!

Did the proposed health care act by Republicans in the House of Representatives send you over the edge? Did your uterus contract when you realized it automatically made you ineligible for insurance just because you had one?! Were you finally thankful that the angry white men made it clear that they hate all things female?

I can help you speak out! I created this post card just for the purpose of communicating with your representatives and senators. Let them know what you think about their draconian health care plans. Let them know you exist and are watching their every move.

The postcards are available in print and digital versions, with 50% of all sales going equally to NARAL and Emily’s List. I’m not taking any chances–let the ladies run Washington. They can’t do any worse than the men have all these years!

We can’t stay silent any longer!

PS I give you Paul Ryan’s home address on my Etsy site!