Garden of Bleedin’ by Susie Kline

The third entry in the Halloween writing prompt is by me.
“I’m glad we don’t have to drive,” Melissa slurred as she clung to John. The effects of the smokey Halloween punch were hitting her. Or was it the bloody zombie shots? Shaking her head, she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.
Tugging on her arm, John pulled her off the sidewalk, “It’s quicker through the garden. Let’s go that way.”
‘I don’t know…” she looked at the Garrity’s haunted garden and wasn’t sure she wanted to walk through it in the dark. Especially at midnight on Halloween. 
Of course, she knew it wasn’t really haunted. The skeletons and ghosts had been collected for years by the Halloween-obsessed couple. Motion-detection props were scattered about, ready to scare the unaware. Still, in the dark, on a misty, partly cloudy night, with the moon playing hide and seek…
“Where do you think Peter was all night? I kept missing him.”
“Me too, it was strange. He’s usually better at the hosting gig.” John wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pressed her toward the garden entrance. “Remember when you wouldn’t miss a haunted house? It will be like the good old days.”
“I’m older now, I really know what goes bump in the night,” she shrugged away and headed down the narrow path. “Keep close though, I still need protection!”
At that moment an owl hooted to her left and eerie laughter peeled on the right. Farther off in the garden multiple moans filled the air. Caught off guard, Melissa tripped and landed face first in the lap of a mummy.
“Oh, hon, are you alright?” John bent down to help her to her feet. “What are you doing?”
She pressed her hands all over the torso of the mummy. “This isn’t a prop,” she began tugging at the bandages.
Within minutes the bandages were off and Peter Garrity stared blindly at them.

Murder on Mockingbird Lane by Dee Gatrell

Murder on Mockingbird Lane by Dee Catrell

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The second entry in the Halloween writing prompt is from Dee Gatrell.

“What a fun party that was,” I said to my husband, Larry.

“Yeah, but I’m glad we don’t have far to walk. We both have a bit of a buzz going.”

I giggled and pulled up on the skirt of my belly dancing costume. “Where were Fred and Janet? I thought they were invited.”

“Don’t know. Curt didn’t say anything about them. Maybe they’re ticked at us after we invited them to make that crazy movie with us. You know they are…”

“What the hell is that lying there?” I let go of my skirt and fell on what looked like a mummy.  It wasn’t a mummy.  I stared into the open eyes of…”Fred. It’s Fred. Help me up. My god! He’s dead.”

Larry reached down and felt for a pulse. “Go back into the house and have Sherry call for an ambulance.”

I ran, tripped twice more before running into the house screaming. “Call the police! Get an ambulance! Looks like Fred is dead in your front yard.” My skirt was ripped and my knee was bleeding.

Donna looked at me. “What happened to you? Did you kill Fred? Where’s Larry?”

“He’s with the body. Hell no I didn’t kill Fred. Why would I?”

Chuck looked at me. “Because Janet thinks you were having an affair with him.”

I chocked. The man was six inches shorter than me, was homely as sin and didn’t have any sense of humor.

Everyone rushed out the door to see the body. I ran up to my husband and grabbed his hand. “Is he really dead?”

“I don’t know. Bend down and touch him.”

That’s when Fred sat up and yelled, “Got cha!”

And I fainted.

Decorated to Death by Amy Mata

Decorated to Death by Amy Mata

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The first entry in the Halloween writing prompt is from Amy Mata.

“So what did you think about Celia’s costume?” I asked George as we took a shortcut across our neighbor’s yard. “She made it herself when she couldn’t find a transparent nun’s habit at Target.”

“I just think there’s a time in everyone’s life when they need to cover up more than they show, and Celia hit that time about twenty years ago,” he answered. “I drank twice as much as I should have just so my vision would be out of focus.”

“Since I couldn’t wear my contacts with this wacky eye makeup, I haven’t been able to see clearly either. I guess it’s for the best.” I grabbed his arm as I nearly tripped over the plastic pumpkin at the edge of Celia’s elaborate Halloween presentation. The night was black as a Halloween cat in our rural housing development, the only illumination coming from the orange lights trained on the display. “Look at these decorations. She goes all out.”

We stopped and turned our blurry gazes on the tableau. “She keeps adding more. I swear there were only two mummies out here when we walked over,” George said, pausing and looking above us. “Wow, would you listen to that owl. He must be out hunting mice tonight.”

“There were only two. That’s odd. How did the third one get here, and why did she put it on the damp ground?” The owl took that moment to swoop low above my head, and I was so startled that I tripped and fell on top of the mummy.

“George,” I gulped, my heart pounding. “I don’t think this one is stuffed with crumpled newspaper. I think it’s stuffed with a body!”

Halloween Flash Fiction Writing Fun–Too Scared To Play?!

Witches cackle. Monsters stalk. Vampires skulk. Werewolves snuffle. Cauldrons bubble.

Writers look for inspiration.Halloween Flash Fiction Writing Fun–Too Scared To Play?!

Here’s some from Linda Reilly. Check out her writing prompt.

You and your significant other are leaving a Halloween party held at a neighbor’s house. You have a bit of a buzz on, so when you see the mummy sprawled on your neighbor’s lawn,  you’re sure it’s a Halloween gag. Giggling, you stumble toward the mummy, only to find . . .

Take it from there, and have fun !!

Send me your flash fiction story of 1000 words (to or less and I’ll publish it here on the blog. I’ll publish one a day until they have all been shared.

Have some bloody fun!