Candy Cane Wreath Instructions


My candy cane wreath hanging on the front door of KlineLand.

I found a candy cane wreath on Pinterest and couldn’t find instructions. Well, unless you count the Martha Stewart ones. And I didn’t want an all-day project! So I did it myself. It took me less than 30 minutes.

I mainly wanted instructions to find out if wrappers were on or off. I don’t like the idea of sticky candy canes banging against my front door for a month and a half. Martha unwraps hers. Her wreaths are stored between waxed paper year to year, so she keeps them. I just keep thinking: messy…buggy…sticky…messy…

I ended up leaving the wrappers on, but clipping the excess on the ends. You can’t see the wrappers then, and I don’t have to worry too much about sticky doors.

Let’s make a wreath!


  • candy-cane-wreath-1Candy canes–16 (I got mine at Target)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flat ornamental piece for the center of the ornament–2 (Mine are from Michaels)
  • Bow (Michaels)
  • Ribbon to hang (Michaels)



candy-cane-wreath-4Pick out 16 candy canes. Pair them up. Believe it or not, the candy canes are not all the same size. So match sizes. It makes it easier to glue them together. Trim excess wrapper from the ends or unwrap.

Once the candy canes are paired up, you can start hot gluing them into the heart shape. Lay them flat on the table and apply the glue at the tops and bottoms where the canes meet. Slide them away and repeat. Don’t worry too much about the glue looking messy; this can be the back side.


Starting with the first pairs you glued (because they are cooled by now) begin arranging your heart sections into a wreath. Once you like how it looks, start applying the hot glue to create the wreath shape.

Be careful at this point because the finished piece is very flimsy. Get one of your flat ornamental pieces and hot glue that to the center part of your wreath. I applied hot glue to the tips of all my heart sections and lightly pressed the ornament down. I used a ruler to firmly press the ornament into the glue.

candy-cane-wreath-5Wait a few minutes for this to cool, then carefully turn it over and repeat on the other. When you have the second ornament piece applied, the wreath is much more sturdy!

Clean up your hot glue fringe, pick off any big pieces showing on the front, and decorate as you wish. I put a red ribbon at the top of mine. Originally I wasn’t going to put anything, but the red ribbon made it look more festive. I used fancy ribbon to hang on my wreath hook, but you could use anything you have on hand.


I hope these directions are simple enough to follow! If you make a wreath, please post a picture below!

Bloody Candles! How To Make Them!

Boo! Who doesn’t need a set of bloody candles to celebrate Halloween properly?! Especially when they are super easy to make.

You need white pillar candles and some red candles. I used tapers–and almost used them entirely.

All you have to do it light the red candles and drip them down the sides of the white candles. Very little effort for a cool effect!


  • Place foil underneath or be prepared to scrape candle wax off the table top.
  • If you drop to much “blood” in one spot it starts rolling pretty fast and doesn’t land where you expect it to. You can get burned so be aware!
  • This should be a supervised activity if done with children and never ever leave candles burning unattended!

Isn’t my helper handsome? Aaron loved doing this.

I was burning the pillar candles at the same time that we were dripping because I wanted to create a crater in the top of the candle.

Dollar Store Candle Holders

I saw this video and was inspired! My Dollar Store didn’t have jars big enough to do apothecary jars, but I did do some candle holders.

The pieces for the candle holders came from the dollar store, as well as the bottle of alcohol to wipe them down to help the glue stick better.

I got the E6000 from a local craft store. The battery operated candles also came from there.

This was super easy! I washed the pieces to remove the stickers. Then I applied glue to the candle holder and placed on the bottom of the jar. Voila! Dollar Store craft complete!



Are you going to do this? I’d love to see what you do! Next up…bloody candles for Halloween!