We Have A New Headboard

For years we’ve been headboardless. Nothing grabbed either us, so we went without. On a recent adventure day with Kelly, we went to a junk warehouse (I’m not linking because they are closing soon!) and I spotted a door stuck in the corner behind some other items. When the clerk told me it was $40, I tossed right into Kelly’s car.

The only things we did to it: 1) Jim removed the hardware and wiped it off, 2) I polished it. We hung it on the wall using monkey hooks.

I love the rustic look. It fits perfectly across the width of the king-sized bed.

I know I need to add another piece of art above the bed. I’m waiting for another canvas sale at Costco to print out one of my flower pictures.

What do you think? Is this worth $40?

And The Dresser Is Finished!

It took awhile, but I finished the project I started here.

The process of decoupage is both fun and messy.

  • I loved ripping the paper apart.
  • I loved saving the paper edges for the drawer edges.
  • I’m glad sponge brushes are so cheap to be dispasable because I didn’t have to wash them!
  • I’m sorry I ruined my favorite pair of paints by getting modge podge on them! Who knew it wouldn’t wash out!?

I got the supplies for this project at Michael’s and Ace Hardware. The paint is a soft sage green (Ace) and the papers are various scrapbook papers (Michael’s.) I even got the drawer pulls at Michael’s.