Speak Out & Show Your Support!

Did the proposed health care act by Republicans in the House of Representatives send you over the edge? Did your uterus contract when you realized it automatically made you ineligible for insurance just because you had one?! Were you finally thankful that the angry white men made it clear that they hate all things female?

I can help you speak out! I created this post card just for the purpose of communicating with your representatives and senators. Let them know what you think about their draconian health care plans. Let them know you exist and are watching their every move.

The postcards are available in print and digital versions, with 50% of all sales going equally to NARAL and Emily’s List. I’m not taking any chances–let the ladies run Washington. They can’t do any worse than the men have all these years!

We can’t stay silent any longer!

PS I give you Paul Ryan’s home address on my Etsy site!


There Are No Mistakes In Art

pen artThere are no mistakes in art is my motto whenever I teach an art class. Unless you’re in school and taking an art class for a grade, there are no mistakes in art.

Does that make you feel better? I hope it does!

Because I’m afraid the latest slew of projects and kits available are making people think art is a lot harder than it actually is. For instance, my favorite rant: the zentangle.

When the zentangle first came to my attention it was a square on a piece of paper and a pen. You started randomly drawing lines, curves; maybe you added some dots or dashes. That’s all. You could get really wild and start with a circle. You could get totally carried away and be the guy who sold his zentagles on styrofoam cups.

What it wasn’t supposed to be was an entire business line with specially trained zentangle masters (I don’t know what they are really called) with classes, special books, and special tools.

Someone took a very simple art form and turned it into something way too complicated. I’m sure more than one person looks at the books, magazines, and other supplies available for creating zentangles and thinks creating them is a complicated endeavor. But don’t be fooled. All you need is a pen, some paper, and a square.

As I wander the craft stores (and I wander them a lot) I am dismayed to see the many things companies have complicated. So many easy crafts have become corporate-fied. They’ve stripped away the creative part and left a little bit of the finishing so you have something to show. They walk away with the money, and what do you walk away with?

Maybe some people are happy doing things this way. If the clearance bins at the craft stores are any indication, I think many are not.

The fun of art lies in the entire process, not just the finished product. From the first idea, to the first errant paint blob, to the laughs and groans that go along with it, the piece at the end holds those memories. Perfect or disaster, looking back at it will make you happy because of the adventure. And none of the steps along the way were mistakes, they were lessons.

Do me a favor and pick up a pen, a piece of paper, and draw a square. Start doodling in that square. Draw a zentangle that way. Then repeat. Don’t buy a kit!

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Garden of Bleedin’ by Susie Kline

The third entry in the Halloween writing prompt is by me.
“I’m glad we don’t have to drive,” Melissa slurred as she clung to John. The effects of the smokey Halloween punch were hitting her. Or was it the bloody zombie shots? Shaking her head, she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.
Tugging on her arm, John pulled her off the sidewalk, “It’s quicker through the garden. Let’s go that way.”
‘I don’t know…” she looked at the Garrity’s haunted garden and wasn’t sure she wanted to walk through it in the dark. Especially at midnight on Halloween. 
Of course, she knew it wasn’t really haunted. The skeletons and ghosts had been collected for years by the Halloween-obsessed couple. Motion-detection props were scattered about, ready to scare the unaware. Still, in the dark, on a misty, partly cloudy night, with the moon playing hide and seek…
“Where do you think Peter was all night? I kept missing him.”
“Me too, it was strange. He’s usually better at the hosting gig.” John wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pressed her toward the garden entrance. “Remember when you wouldn’t miss a haunted house? It will be like the good old days.”
“I’m older now, I really know what goes bump in the night,” she shrugged away and headed down the narrow path. “Keep close though, I still need protection!”
At that moment an owl hooted to her left and eerie laughter peeled on the right. Farther off in the garden multiple moans filled the air. Caught off guard, Melissa tripped and landed face first in the lap of a mummy.
“Oh, hon, are you alright?” John bent down to help her to her feet. “What are you doing?”
She pressed her hands all over the torso of the mummy. “This isn’t a prop,” she began tugging at the bandages.
Within minutes the bandages were off and Peter Garrity stared blindly at them.

First Creative Project of 2012!

I made it my New Year’s resolution to actually be creative this year instead of just reading about creativity on Ravelry and Pinterest. I was so excited when a creative project fell right into my lap!

Yesterday I pulled out of the driveway and saw that the neighbors had thrown away a dresser. I drove along, but the dresser niggled at my mind. I called home and told one of the twins to bring it in and put it into the garage. Instead it ended up in the foyer where I can’t stop looking at it.

It’s much bigger than I thought it was, so it won’t fit into my closet. I was hoping to use it as an out-of-the-way storage system for some craft supplies (mainly yarn–sue me, I have an addiction!). Instead, I am going to use it right here in my office area to store yarn, and hold my printer on top.

Today I gathered my supplies: scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, paint, sandpaper. I was more than thrilled to be able to go to Michael’s and pick up the drawer pulls I had spotted a few days ago. Again, something niggling in my mind making me want them…bad!

Jim’s doing some minor repairs to the drawers. I’m going to start sanding the laminate.

The good thing about this being in the living room rather than the garage is that I keep looking at it and know it needs to be done! This is no out-of-sight-out-of-mind project that I can put off endlessly.

I’ll be documenting my progress!

I’m Not Really As Undecided As I Seem!

I let this site wallow for awhile because I was not clear about the direction I wanted to take it. I’ve decided to not remove the older posts, but to leave them. I’m fallible…

I love the idea of coaching. I love the idea of being creative. I’m proud of my creativity and love the places it’s taken me. I want to share that creativity with you!

Play With Susie will be my online art journal and the place where I hope to inspire you! There will be challenges and prompts. There will be links so we can share.

I don’t want to be creative alone! So won’t you play with me?!