Garden of Bleedin’ by Susie Kline

The third entry in the Halloween writing prompt is by me.
“I’m glad we don’t have to drive,” Melissa slurred as she clung to John. The effects of the smokey Halloween punch were hitting her. Or was it the bloody zombie shots? Shaking her head, she concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other.
Tugging on her arm, John pulled her off the sidewalk, “It’s quicker through the garden. Let’s go that way.”
‘I don’t know…” she looked at the Garrity’s haunted garden and wasn’t sure she wanted to walk through it in the dark. Especially at midnight on Halloween. 
Of course, she knew it wasn’t really haunted. The skeletons and ghosts had been collected for years by the Halloween-obsessed couple. Motion-detection props were scattered about, ready to scare the unaware. Still, in the dark, on a misty, partly cloudy night, with the moon playing hide and seek…
“Where do you think Peter was all night? I kept missing him.”
“Me too, it was strange. He’s usually better at the hosting gig.” John wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pressed her toward the garden entrance. “Remember when you wouldn’t miss a haunted house? It will be like the good old days.”
“I’m older now, I really know what goes bump in the night,” she shrugged away and headed down the narrow path. “Keep close though, I still need protection!”
At that moment an owl hooted to her left and eerie laughter peeled on the right. Farther off in the garden multiple moans filled the air. Caught off guard, Melissa tripped and landed face first in the lap of a mummy.
“Oh, hon, are you alright?” John bent down to help her to her feet. “What are you doing?”
She pressed her hands all over the torso of the mummy. “This isn’t a prop,” she began tugging at the bandages.
Within minutes the bandages were off and Peter Garrity stared blindly at them.

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