Wednesday Writing Prompt: May 27th Edition

wednesday writing prompt copyWant to try a writing exercise with me?

I’m randomly opening my dictionary-yes, an actual paper one I have right by my desk!–and picking five words. Take these five words and write a┬ásentence dictionaryor two using all of them.

Genre? Any. Rating? Nothing more than R. No erotica or super violence, please.

Post your entry in the comments. Let’s have fun!

This week’s words…






Have fun!

Review: Don’t Go Home by Carolyn Hart

In the latest Death on Demand offering, Don’t Go Home, Carolyn Hart has Annie Darling flying solo.

Carolyn Hart Dont Go HomeHer beloved Max is off on a fishing trip, completely cut off from communication. Annie is certain she will stay out of trouble tending shop, selling mysteries in the heat of the summer. Keeping her promise to stay out of the sleuthing business should be no trouble at all, especially since Max has shut down Confidential Commissions after Annie’s near brush with death a few weeks earlier.

Except things always have a way of getting sticky in the hot island weather on Broward’s Rock. Like the best-selling author who returns to reveal all the real-life people behind the characters in his best-selling novel. Only, before he gets a chance, he ends up dead.

When Annie sees her friend Marian arguing with him earlier in the day of his death, she knows she’ll be a suspect. Surely Max would be helping Marian out if he were on the island. He wouldn’t stop Annie from helping Marian if he were right there, would he? So Annie jumps right into the sleuthing business once again to help her friend. Because someone has a secret to hide and they are willing to keep killing to never let it come to light.

Carolyn Hart was ready┬áto retire the Death on Demand series and I would have mourned it. My heart would have ached like I had lost actual real-life friends! Sure, Max and Annie are borderline too perfect. They’re wealthy and beautiful people who have the world at their feet. But they are too likeable to begrudge them their perfection.

Plus they will do anything to help out their friends who seem to need a lot of it because they get accused of murder quite often. Broward’s Rock might sound idyllic, but it’s a hot bed of crime!

Hart’s books would be perfect reading for my Kindle app, but I always get them from the library. She constantly challenges my vocabulary. I need to keep a dictionary nearby so I stop poking the book, trying to get the definition of these obscure words to pop up for me!

This was a great read. I’m glad Annie and Max are hanging around for awhile longer. I also have a craving for a rum collins…


Bloody Candles! How To Make Them!

Boo! Who doesn’t need a set of bloody candles to celebrate Halloween properly?! Especially when they are super easy to make.

You need white pillar candles and some red candles. I used tapers–and almost used them entirely.

All you have to do it light the red candles and drip them down the sides of the white candles. Very little effort for a cool effect!


  • Place foil underneath or be prepared to scrape candle wax off the table top.
  • If you drop to much “blood” in one spot it starts rolling pretty fast and doesn’t land where you expect it to. You can get burned so be aware!
  • This should be a supervised activity if done with children and never ever leave candles burning unattended!

Isn’t my helper handsome? Aaron loved doing this.

I was burning the pillar candles at the same time that we were dripping because I wanted to create a crater in the top of the candle.

Dollar Store Candle Holders

I saw this video and was inspired! My Dollar Store didn’t have jars big enough to do apothecary jars, but I did do some candle holders.

The pieces for the candle holders came from the dollar store, as well as the bottle of alcohol to wipe them down to help the glue stick better.

I got the E6000 from a local craft store. The battery operated candles also came from there.

This was super easy! I washed the pieces to remove the stickers. Then I applied glue to the candle holder and placed on the bottom of the jar. Voila! Dollar Store craft complete!



Are you going to do this? I’d love to see what you do! Next up…bloody candles for Halloween!


Podcast Episode 2

I have another podcast up. And forgot to tell you about it! Check it out!

I Won!

String Theory, a local yarn store, held a contest this summer and I entered. I had to use a skein of Pediboo yarn and knit something. I designed a cowl and I won! I am so pumped! I had absolutely zero expectations of winning, so this is extra great!

When I get the cowl back I will be writing up the pattern to sell. It will be my second in my line of pattern designs. Then I’ll be working on the third. I have an idea for a baby hat…

By the way, the Pediboo yarn was a dream to work with. I loved how it felt and it knit up like a dream for me. I have another skein in lime green…what to do what to do…

My Wendy’s Summer Solstice KAL Shawl is Done!

Yay, I finished! I didn’t finish right on time, but I got it done during summer. That counts, right? I mean, it was even the right year!

I added some width (about 20 extra inches according to the pattern notes) and a little to the depth. It’s definitely big enough. But it’s really really wispy and will only be good during the hot summer days! There should be a few more of those this year though, so I’ll get to use it.

This was knit with Knit Picks Gloss Lace. I really like the yarn. Luckily, I have some more in a nice lavender color. Oh what to knit!

Let me know what you think!

I Made A Podcast! Episode 1 Is Live!

I’m so excited! I managed to create my very own podcast! Episode 1 is alive on itunes. Just search for playwithsusie and subscribe if you want!

This week I talked about the Ravellenic games and my current WIPs. I have so many! Ugh! I promised links to things I mentioned, so here you go!

By the way, on Ravelry I am QusieSusie!

Judy’s Magic Cast-On video by KnitPicks

Handshake Mitten

Malice in Wonderland KAL


Cast On, Bind Off

Wendy Johnson Summer Solstice KAL

Cool Knitting Blog & Catching Up

Completed the Sabrina A-Line Sweater by Vera Sanon in a KAL in the ravelry group, The Curvalicious Sisterhood

I came across this website, Rhythm of the Needles, and thought I would share it with you. Apparently the site’s URL changed and the owner is trying to get the word out. Go visit her!

I finally finished my Sabrina A-line sweater. It’s a Vera Sanon design and was a KAL through the Ravelry group, The Curvalicious Sisterhood. I like how it turned out.

I’m still knitting my second wingspan. It’s become my knit-away-from-home project, so it doesn’t get a lot of work.

I also am knitting Wendy Johnson’s summer shawl for her knitalong. I was all caught up…then fell behind! I’ll catch up this weekend. It’s gorgeous and I’m using a really pretty blue yarn.

I designed a cowl and took it to String Theory Yarn Company in Glen Ellyn (IL) for the Pediboo contest. It turned out really cool and I’ll be writing up the pattern for it. I didn’t get to take pictures, so it won’t get done until I get the cowl back in mid-September.

What have you been up to? Anything crafty? Tell all!

Time To Knit In Public!

Click the image for the PDF version that can be printed out!